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My first writing class at Stanford University was quite the rare type; I generally loathe writing essays (I'm an engineering type), but I actually found the essays for this class somewhat fun. Perhaps it was because I was either writing on artwork or video games, two subjects that I actually have opinions I want to express.

My final project for this class was a 15-page essay on role-playing and strategy video games, based on a good bit of research, personal experience, and analyzation. I even threw in some philosophy from Freud, Schopenhauer and Lucretius. Many of the references are from Final Fantasy, since that's where most of my personal experiences are made.

Keep in mind - this essay is intended for educated individuals, best for those who are attending or have attended institutions of higher learning. The file size is a bit large (~ 200 KB) because I've used many images to illustrate my points. This is a .doc file, so you'll need Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor to open it. If it prompts you for a password, don't worry about it. Just press cancel.

"Mom, video games aren't all bad." Games that Develop and Challenge the Mind

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