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I'm sometimes available for art commissions. You can request me to illustrate any character(s) or scene(s), with limitations on the subject (please see subject limitations below).

You may request characters or scenes from any anime, manga, video game, movie or book, or you may request a portrait of real person or persons (I will require photo references for this). They do not all have to be in the same story, I can do crossovers as well.

Note: Reference images and/or image galleries always improve the result of your commission!! It is always a great help if I know what the subject is supposed to look like!

As the original artist, I still retain the rights to the art. If you intend to use it for commercial purposes, please let me know.

Subject Limitations

I will NOT do:

- Hentai and porn. Artistic nudity and mildly suggestive poses are ok.

- Yaoi and yuri. Shonen-ai and shoujo-ai are generally ok.

- Excessively profanic, vulgar, violent, or gory material.


Pricing is based on size, media, complexity, and number of characters. To give you a rough estimate for any commission you might wish to make, start at $10 and add any extra fees you might incur at each step. Graphic media is printed at 200dpi.


- 9x12 or less for natural media ($0)

- larger than 9x12, up to 15x20 for natural media ($15-35 pricing varies proportionally to size, includes price for illustration board)

- unprinted graphic media, canvas size 1024x768 pixels or less (-$5)

- 8.5x11 or less for graphic media ($0)

- larger than 8.5x11, up to 11x17 for graphic media ($10-20 pricing varies proportionally to size)

- any larger, please contact me with the size


- pencil on finished drawing paper ($0)

- black ink on bristol board($15)

- B&W Computer Graphic: Adobe Photoshop unprinted or printed ($20)

- color pencil on finished drawing paper ($30)

- watercolor or color ink on cold press watercolor paper ($30)

- color Copic marker on bristol board ($40)

- color Computer Graphic: Adobe Photoshop and/or Corel Painter unprinted or printed ($45)

- illustration board, rather than paper ($5-15 depending on size)

- color tempera + illustration board ($45)

- color acrylic + acrylic canvas ($50)


- first character / first scene ($0)

- each subsequent character ($5-20, depending on size and complexity)

- each subsequent scene ($15)

- photorealistic copies of real subjects, ie. people, animals, places that existed at some point in time ($20)

- simple in complexity, low detail. See Umi for normal low detail. (-$5-10 depending on size and complexity)

- extra complexity, detail, or blending. See Legolas for high detail in the same medium. ($5-20 depending on size and complexity)


$10 + Size + Media + Complexity/Characters


If you do wish to commission me, please send me an email at with the following information:


Anime/manga/game/book from which the character(s) or scene(s) come from:



Payment and Shipping.

I accept cash via mail, money orders, checks (will need to be cleared), and PayPal.

Shipping will cost $4.00 for regular size US Priority mail. If the item is over 9x12 in, shipping increases proportionally to size. International rates will vary.


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