Could you draw something for me?

I'm sorry. I'm retired from illustration. Commissions are permanently closed, and nowadays I only draw once in a blue moon.

Can I use some of your art or images on another website?

In almost all cases, yes, but please read the art usage rules before you take anything.

Can I alter or use your images for other purposes?

I'd rather you not, but if you're absolutely dying to use any of my images, please email me about it.

Could you give me any tips on drawing?

I advise checking out www.artcorner.org if you want to know anything about drawing.

Can I link you?

This page is link free and you can find banners here, but please link only to "www.dragonblossom.com" . Do be warned that this website will no longer be updated, so it will serve only as an archive for past illustrations.


 site map Please read through art usage rules before taking any images!